Are the bigger plumbing companies cheaper?

It’s a tough question, do you go with the little guy who is a sole operator, or a large name company who you’ve heard of and seen everywhere.
On one hand, the larger company has much larger overheads, and needs to spend big dollars just to keep the cogs of the business ticking over. But on the other hand, they may be a well known and trusted brand name with a good reputation.
There is no correct answer here, as it is down to the individual operator, even within a company as to what sort of result you will get. So how do you find the best plumber? Well below are two approaches, depending on the size of your job.

Small Jobs
For a small plumbing job you would be better off doing some online research. Most sites offer reviews where you can see if the past clients were happy with the work and pricing. A small amount of research can go a long way. Yes we understand many companies can and do write their own reviews, but by looking at enough of these at least you can get a feel for which plumbers are really performing poorly or not. Nothing is foolproof, but it increases the odds of you getting someone qualified. Also look to see if they are a member of any industry associations. Often these plumbing associations have code of ethics that members must adhere to. It’s also another way of seeing if they are licensed and insured, as industry associations don’t usually allow unlicensed businesses to join.

Large Jobs
For larger plumbing jobs you may be better off getting a few quotes. Sometimes these can be done loosely over the phone to avoid inconvenience or a call out fee. If the problem can be explained and understood well, it is likely your plumber will give you a description of what is wrong and how they can rectify it. This will be accompanied by a price as well.
Keep them talking, see if there is one of the three plumbers that is better priced, or seems more genuine. Again, no method is fool proof, but some research will give you a better chance of getting a quality job at a fair price. For further info check out and what they have to offer.